Wholesale garden hoses Bradas Sunflex.

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SUNFLEX 5907544401759 wholesale hose watering three-layer soft PVC Bradas Sunflex, made in Italy, the length of the bay 20, 25, 30, 50 meters. Diameter ½ (12 mm), 5/8 (15 mm), ¾ (19 mm), 1 (25 mm), 11/4 (32 mm). The inner layer is made of black PVC with coating which prevents the intensity of the growth of algae on the inner walls of the hose. Reinforced cross-braided synthetic fiber. The outer layer is resistant to the effects of UV radiation is made of soft PVC yellow color, which protects the hose from abrasion. Shipment is made from the territory of the European Union. www.bradas.com Tel +48 530496268 Skype bradas-dn I mail bradasglobal@gmail.com