Sell gold dust 22 carat

Województwo: Warmińsko-mazurskie Miasto: Płoskinia ID ogłoszenia: 699 646 367



We are a group of villagers who are looking for a buyer orpailleurs rugged and reliable, for the sale and export of metal but powder and ingot we work with Guild of artisants of seekers of gold and diamond source (Mali , Burkina Faso-Ghana Etc) you can move on artisant bets, living expenses are borne by artisant and you can do to control the gold or diamond expert of your choice before any purchase Origin: Mali (Bamako) Quantity: 400 kilograms Quality: 22 carat + Nature: metal (a) powder Rate of purity: 92% Price: 18000 € / kg Prayer contact us if interested to take knowledge of the characteristics of gold and export procedure e-mail:

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